About Us

David Purser visioned a life of Building unique homes. Growing up around some of the most dominate builders and land developers in the Charlotte area such as Ken Dowd, Gene Harrington, Don Potter, and Steve Pace, he has learned the values of fine home building and development from some of the areas best.

David Sawyer has been building since his first tree house around thirteen years of age, and yes it was two stories. He began framing homes when he finished school and wouldn't prefer anything less than a complex blueprint. He has framed homes for dominant builders in the Lake Norman area such as Micheal Palmer, Patrick Joseph & Associates and Metropolitan Builders.

Together we have over 35 years experience in premier home construction. We know and understand the value in hands on experience, uniqueness of quality homes, and the value of the client's confidence in the vision of the project. LPM (Luxury Property Management) was formed some odd years ago to create a unique building opportunity.